Jason Brunson

Jason Brunson | Athletes Arena

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Phone: 803-750-9036

Email: Jason@AthletesArena.com


National Strength Coaches Association (NSCA) SC board member

Trainer BIO

Jason has worked in the Strength and Conditioning industry for the past ten years. He joined the team at Athlete’s Arena four years ago after previously starting his career on the high school level the six years prior. As a true believer that experience is the best knowledge Jason has used every opportunity possible, and with great appreciation, to learn from some of the best in the business during his career.

As a National Strength Coaches Association (NSCA) board member for the state of South Carolina he strives to coach and train each athlete to their fullest potential no matter the level of playing field, court, or track.

Jason strongly believes that improved performance in athletics can only be achieved through the implementation of both proper evaluations and researched backed training regiments. Those elements combined with an effort to provide athletes with a foundation of dedication, hard work, a competitive nature, and persistence are what drive his desire to wake up each day to work with both young and mature men and woman alike.