Game Changer

Ages 15-18

Our Game Changer program prepares high school athletes for competitive success in their sport. This stage in athletic development can make or break an athlete. Athletes may exhibit a high level of talent, but they need to allocate a significant portion of time to training skills and physical capacities in order to graduate to the next level and maximize long-term potential. Our focus for these athletes is in refining technical aspects of their movements and building maximal force production through aggressive strength training. As training intensifies, we place a greater emphasis on recovery and mobility in order to maintain health and reduce the risk for injury.

Emphasis will be placed on:

  • Progressive strength training
  • Developing proficiency in testing protocols (vertical jump, 20 yd shuttle, 40 yd dash, etc.)
  • Understanding the basics of program design
  • Advanced recovery and injury prevention
Athlete's Arena - Sprots Performance Training

Due to the customized nature of this training, the Game changer program is by appointment only.

Is your teen ready to get serious about their sport?

Free evaluation included with the program.