Athletic Foundations

Sports Training for Ages 9-14

Scientific research shows that the age range from 8-12 is critical for motor skill development in youth athletes. During these formative years, It is crucial for young athletes to begin developing proper motor patterns in order to maximize future athletic potential. Our program employs up-to-date sports research to lay the foundation for long term athletic development.

Once these foundations are established, our program continues to build neuromuscular patterns and apply those skills towards athletic application. We introduces olympic weightlifting techniques, focusing on proper movement with increased force production. This training prepares athletes for the high school weight room and ensures that, as they become bigger and stronger, the need for improved joint integrity is met.

Each athlete will learn:

  • Dynamic Warm-ups
  • Running Technique
  • Balance and Coordination
  • Acceleration
  • Change of direction
  • Maximum velocity
  • Strength training
  • Sport specific supplementary exercises
  • Injury prevention

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What makes our training program different?

Most high school athlete's are trained to do 4 sets of 6 reps, like this:
185 (ego set) = 3540 lbs total

That last set usually looks pretty ugly.

What Athlete's Arena teaches:, 4 sets of 6, like this:
185 = 3900 lbs total

Safer and stronger, consistent reps. Our way produces better quality reps, and more weight lifted. Athletes get bigger, stronger, faster, better.

Athletic foundations training for teenagers

Testimonials from our athletes

Lane Mueller, Football player - Foundations Class Athlete

Lane Mueller speed and agility training at the gym

I didn’t start last year but ended up starting every football game this year. I noticed I had more motivation and had improved in every way possible thanks to Athletes Arena’s Foundation Program. I enjoy making new friends from the gym and have become much more active because of them. My instructor is good and always makes sure my form is right and pushes me to be better.

Nolan Mayer, Football player - Foundations Class Athlete

Nolan Mayer deadlifting at the gym

I was a lot more agile on my feet and that made it easier to make tackles this season. I had 3 sacks this year as well compared to none last year so that was a huge difference. I have enjoyed getting stronger and meeting a bunch of new people. Our Instructor is also very good and fun to be around.

Athletic Foundations Training Schedule

$170 for 20 sessions/month

(That's just $8.50 per session!)

Monday - Thursday at 6:30pm, and

Saturday at 11 Speed Skills Outdoors


$110 for any two days a week (including Saturday), 8 sessions/month

Is your teen ready to get serious about their sport?