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Group Training Class

Do you need to rev up your metabolism? Do you want to switch up your mundane workout with interval training mixed with resistance training? If so, then Athlete's Arena's group training class lead by Heather Kobus is for you!

What is Heather's group training class? It's interval training mixed with resistance training with minimal to no rest between movements and circuits. This high-intensity workout gives you the fat burning of an intense cardio workout along with the muscle-building property of a weight workout. You will burn fat and build muscle in this group fitness class!


Heather Kobus

ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

Best of all, there is no membership fee when you work out at Athlete's Arena, you pay only for the classes. A single class is just $10/session, however, you can save by purchasing packages of classes in advance.

Classes are Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8:30-9:15 am.

are you ready to rev up your metabolism?

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# of ClassesTotal CostSavings
1 class$10$0
4 classes$35$5
8 classes$70$10
12 classes$95$25
16 classes$120$40