Our Pro Athletes

Athlete's Arena has worked with athletes of all levels and ages with over 100 of those moving on to play college sports after a successful high school career. That success has allowed us to move into the niche of working with and developing professional athletes in our Pro Athlete Development Program. See a few of our active professional athletes below.

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C.J. Edwards | Pro Baseball Player | Athlete's Arena

C.J. Edwards

Akeem Bostick | Pro Baseball Player

Akeem Bostick

Chris Ownings | Pro Baseball Player

Chris Owings

Grayson Greiner | Pro Baseball Player

Grayson Greiner

Nick Ciuffo | Pro Baseball Player

Nick Ciuffo

Michael Roth | Baseball Player | Athlete's Arena

Michael Roth

Brandon Waring | Pro Baseball Player

Brandon Waring

Heath Hembree | Pro Baseball Player

Heath Hembree

Evan Marzilli - Pro Baseball Player

Evan Marzilli

Andrew Faulkner | Pro Baseball Player

Andrew Faulkner

Christian Walker | Pro Baseball Player | Athlete's Arena

Christian Walker

jordan lyles

Jordan Lyles

Tyler Renew - Pro Football Player - Athlete's Arena

Tyler Renew

Cameron Lee-Avanti Mondorf - Pro Basketball Player

Cameron Lee