Group Fitness Class

Group Fitness Classes

Want to help become stronger, feel self-confident and suppress the urge to overeat? Join Heather’s group fitness class and get started toward a better you. You will be surrounded by a community of ladies who are like-minded and encouraging. Whether you are a first-time exerciser or an experienced athlete, Heather Kobus is sure to lead you to become a better you through her highly experienced instruction and inspiring group training.

This class is a total-body workout that focuses on every muscle group at an intensity that will simultaneously improve your cardiovascular strength and endurance. Heather incorporates a variety of exercises and equipment to always keep you on your toes and eager to see what is next.

Participants will experience a fun mix of strength building circuit-type intervals that combine weightlifting movements, plyometrics/cardio, core work and stretching.

All classes are led by Heather Kobus, a certified personal trainer. Heather was voted 2019 Best of Irmo Chapin Life and is passionate about helping others become stronger and feel confident through her safe, effective and fun group fitness classes. Heather developed these dynamic and intensive programs to provide clients with unique and unparalleled fitness training options.


Heather Kobus

ISSA Certified Personal Trainer


Through Heather’s instructions, I not only learned how to work out safely and effectively, but I also learned how to eat healthy, real food. Heather was patient and very understanding as she guided me through a personalized plan to help me reach my goal. My health has improved, my confidence has been raised, and I have a great outlook on life!   –Erin

... I am so glad to have added your metabolic training to my fitness regiment. Even trainers need someone to push them outside their comfort zone...

Was awesome!!!


Best of all, there is no membership fee when you work out at Athlete's Arena, you pay monthly for the classes.

Group Fitness Class Time slots

Monday and Wednesday 8:30, 5:45pm and 

Friday at 8:30am

# of Classes per weekMonthly Cost
1x a week$50
2x a week$95
3x a week$120

Here's what you can expect in our group fitness class

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