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Time to get to “Work”

Many of the athletes we have at Athlete's Arena know that I am against any program that is based on the client doing "work" without any plan or purpose, just for work's sake. I have often said, "I can make you chase cars on the highway to make you tired,...

Transferring Weight Room Performance to the Field, Part II

After writing the first part of this BLOG last month, many people have come to me with questions about transferring improvements in strength or speed and agility to the actual game. This has caused me to re-evaluate and improve our programs. A few more points and tactics to focus on...

Transferring Weight Room Performance to the Field, Part I

Over the past few months, we have been evaluating our athletes and preparing strength programs that will focus on improving weaknesses. During these evaluations, I have been paying attention to some bad habits that kids (and myself) fall into when resistance training. I will mention a few here and follow...

Overcoming Adversity

As an athlete, we will all come to a point that we will have to overcome adversity of some kind. Rather it is an injury, getting “benched”, or achieving a goal that others see as impossible, how we respond to the challenge will shape our athletic future as well as...

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