Refresh your body & get moving

Heather Kobus’ ladies group training class at Athlete’s Arena Irmo will resume its 6:30PM class time on Mondays and Wednesdays beginning July 6. It’s time to refresh your body and get moving again!

As our community moves back into a regular routine and towards a new form of normalcy we wanted to get Heather’s ladies evening class back on schedule too.

During the COVID-19 pandemic we all got a little stir crazy and our schedules have been disrupted, including the time spent in the gym. Being apart of a group of like-minded women where members enjoyed the camaraderie and energy of the ladies in each group class has truly been missed. While Heather’s Facebook Live streaming classes kept everyone afloat for a few months, it’s just wasn’t the same as being together in the gym. Beginning Monday, July 6, all ladies group classes will resume their normal schedule, including the 6:30PM class.

Safety first

So, it’s time to refresh your body and get moving again, while prioritizing safety and promoting social distancing. Athlete’s Arena Irmo has several protocols and procedures in place to keep our staff and our members healthy and to provide the safest possible environment. Safety first!

Sense of normalcy

We know many of you need to feel a sense of normalcy and return to the gym on a regular schedule for mental and physical health. With what the world is experiencing now, we all long for what was before and the ordinary. Plus, many have missed being in the presence of Heather’s cheerfulness and positive reinforcement, not to mention her accurate rep count. Who doesn’t fudge on prescribed reps and sets when there’s no one watching?

The joyful Heather Kobus

Find a sense of normalcy and join Heather’s group training class for camaraderie with like-minded women, positive reinforcement, accurate rep count and mental & physical health. All classes resume their regular schedule beginning July 6.

For more information visit here or contact Heather Kobus at

Class times

Monday/Wednesday 8:30AM, 11:30AM and 6:30PM & Friday 8:30AM