Become creative.

While we are adapting to the new norm due to COVID-19, many people are forced to give up their routine of going to the gym and begin training from their home. They are having to become creative to equip their home gym with household items to improve their workouts and get a solid sweat. For example, PVC pipe or curtain rod for a barbell; a jug of liquid laundry detergent for a dumbbell; a towel for resistance training; and a folding chair for incline pushups or triceps dips. Heather Kobus knows all about adapting to the new norm as she is now instructing virtual training sessions streaming live on Facebook Monday, Wednesday and Fridays at 8:30AM and on demand at Heather Kobus – Athlete’s Arena Group training.

Movement variation.

Demonstrating different versions of the same movement is something Heather does during or after each workout. In this video, Heather demonstrates using a towel for resistance training as an alternative to a split stance row. Everyone has a towel in their home! Her virtual classes are adaptable to all skill levels and require little to no equipment. It is also open to everyone and is just $40 for the month of April. Make it a family affair and get the kids involved!

The new norm.

This is the new norm. Home gyms. Jugs of laundry detergent as dumbbells. It’s this creativity that keeps us moving during the COVID-19 events. Heather’s virtual training sessions will provide you with motivation, encouragement and the feeling of still being connected. This is not only to get you moving for your physical health and wellness, but to also help you feel better emotionally during this crisis.

Learn more HERE about Heather’s virtually training class. It’s not too late to register and begin your virtual training sessions.