Personal health binders store valuable information.

A personal health binder is something you can easily put together to use during your fitness journey. You can use it to store valuable information that speaks to you and encourages you. It can also contain the resources Heather Kobus plans to provide to her private Facebook page Heather Kobus – Athlete’s Arena Group training starting Monday, March 30 at 8:30AM.

Information to inspire, uplift and encourage.

Heather plans to provide her virtual training group with live training sessions at Monday, Wednesday and Fridays at 8:30AM, along with healthy tips, resources and valuable informational videos during the month. There will be information to inspire, uplift and encourage you while you are avoiding the gym or homebound during the COVID-19 crisis. One of the topics Heather plans to cover this week is setting up a home gym.

There’s still time to join.

You still have time to join Heather Kobus’ FB virtual training group. The class is adaptable to all skill levels and is open to everyone. It’s a great way to feel connected with one another. You do not have to be an Athlete‚Äôs Arena member to request to join. The fee is $40 for the month of April and you can learn more HERE.

Heather Kobus
Athlete’s Arena