Saturday Yoga Class

Yoga with Stephanie Walden

Great news! Stephanie Walden will be teaching yoga class EVERY Saturday at 10:30AM at Athlete’s Arena Irmo. Because everyone has enjoyed her Saturday classes so much, she as agreed to hold classes EVERY Saturday beginning February 1. Stephanie’s yoga class is open to all ages and levels and she provides a welcoming environment. She is passionate about health and wellness and she loves sharing her passion with our members and the community at Athlete’s Arena Irmo on Saturdays.

Benefits of Yoga

If you are a beginner, don’t worry! Step outside your comfort zone and be challenged and see improvement with your balance, flexibility and mobility. For our CrossFitters, incorporating yoga into your training will help open up your hips and with shoulder mobility. So many of our members suffer from tight hips and shoulder mobility. An additional benefit of practicing yoga is that it provides mental health benefits – less stress and improved focus. After a long week of work and taking care of our everyday duties, everyone could benefit from a weekly yoga session.

Keeping you motivated & healthy

We are always looking for new ways to keep our members motivated & healthy and to provide access to new fitness opportunities.  At Athlete’s Arena Irmo, our coaches and trainers strive to provide our members and the community with a happier, healthier life, along with fitness that is not boring or mundane. A weekly yoga session can spice up your fitness routine, provide health benefits and wind down your week. Stephanie provides yoga from the heart and her Saturday classes and positive affirmations will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the week ahead.

Improve your balance, flexibility, mobility and overall health. Let your body rest and enjoy the benefits of yoga EVERY Saturday at 10:30 AM at Athlete’s Arena Irmo. Sign up on the whiteboard or email if you plan to attend. Each class is $10 and you do not have to be a member of Athlete’s Arena to attend class. We know you will leave the class feeling great physically and mentally.

I believe yoga is such an amazing gift God gave us to explore our inner strength emotionally and physically.  Yoga has allowed me to truly find peace within myself and life everyday. I want to share this feeling with you all!

Stephanie Walden is a certified yoga instructor through Yoga Alliance and The Asheville Yoga Center.