Part Two of Bike Riding in Columbia begins with Heather Kobus of Athlete’s Arena Irmo discussing with Rebecca Everling of the Cycle Center how to go from someone who is riding in their neighborhood to someone who wants to kick it up a notch and go off-road biking. How does you start?

Part Two of “Bike Riding in Columbia with Rebecca Everling of the Cycle Center

Recommended off-road bike trails

Kicking it up a notch usually doesn’t mean that someone will go from neighborhood biking to road biking. The next level of biking Rebecca suggests is one for off-road trail riding. Interestingly, Columbia has one of the top 100 mountain bike trails in Harbison State Forest. Walk the trails at Harbison first, to become familiar with them before you begin your ride. Firebreak Trail is a good start for beginner off-road bikers. It’s a loop almost 5-miles long, is safe, with a moderate difficulty level.

Harbison State Forest

Saluda Shoals on Bush River Road also has off-road biking trails, as well as paved trails for those leisure riders. It also offers many other outdoor activities such as hiking, canoeing and kayaking. This 350 acre park has so much to offer. Heather sees a planned bike ride to Saluda Shoals in the very near future!

Benefits of off-road biking

The benefit of off-road biking or mountain biking is that there are no vehicles. If you ride on the road with others, you stay together, regardless of the abilities of the riders. This could lead to a dangerous situation with cars and trucks passing close by you. In mountain biking you will likely separate from the other riders as you test your abilities and it will be no big deal because there are no vehicles sharing the road with you. Just watch out for the trees!

Bike riding is for all ages

Whatever your age, grab your bike and ride. If you don’t have a bike, rent one from Saluda Shoals or from the Cycle Center. Ride solo or with with family and friends. If you are looking for a community of bike riders, go by the Cycle Center and see Rebecca – she is a great source for cycling. We are confident she can connect you with friendly bike riders.

We all learned to bike ride as kids. So get your bike off of the garage wall, pump up your tires, and check the health of your brakes and your helmet. If all is in working order, strap on your helmet (remember the “two finger rule”) and go for a ride. You’ll burn calories, build muscle and foster relationships while you enjoy the natural scenery and park activities offered in South Carolina’s parks.

Rebecca and her team combined have over 60 years of “fit” training and experience. You will ride faster and more comfortable with a proper bike fit and with a combined 60+ years of experience, the Cycle Center is the place to go to find the perfect bike fit just for you.

The Cycle Center is located in the Market Place Shopping Center at 1001 Harden Street in Five Points. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram to find out the latest news on cycling, cycling events, gear and more.