After the interview with Rebecca Everling at the Cycle Center in Five Points, Heather Kobus felt inspired. She took her bike off of the wall in her garage, pumped up her tires, checked to make sure her brakes worked and off she went. But before she took off for a bike ride, she decided to call a friend. It’s time to Let’s Play!

Saluda Shoals

Heather’s and her friend loaded their bikes and took off for Saluda Shoals. Saluda Shoals is a 400-acre park located off of the banks of the Saluda River in Irmo, South Carolina. The park has so much to offer to anyone who wants to enjoy the South Carolina outdoors. If you don’t have a bike, Saluda Shoals has you covered! They have bike rentals in various sizes so you and a friend or the entire family can enjoy a bike ride. The park has paved trails with plenty of shade and a small off-road biking path for those who are adventurous. They have 10 miles of trials that run along the beautiful Saluda River, which makes a bike ride that much more enjoyable. During the bike ride, Heather passed couples enjoying a leisurely walk, joggers who were kicking it in high gear, and people walking their dogs. The trails are shared by all.

Saluda Shoals also offers canoe, kayak and tube rentals, it has two boat landings, a large playground for the kiddos, lots of covered picnic areas, a new splash pad and a Barking Lot dog park. You can go biking, birding, boating, hiking, paddling, splashing and fishing at Saluda Shoals.

Canoe Rentals at Saluda Shoals

Benefits of bike riding

Biking riding not only builds muscle and is an effective way to lose body fat, it also can decrease your stress, improve your mood and make you happy. Exploring Saluda Shoals with a friend is a great way to exercise. A cardio workout can feel endless and boring, but getting in a cardio workout by bike riding with a friend and catching up on each other’s lives not only burns calories and tones muscle, it cements friendships. If you ride with a friend with an adventurous spirit you can actually work up a sweat and get in a great workout by tackling the off-road biking trails, full-on hills or small inclines which require lower-body and core strength.

Another benefit of bike riding is it’s a low-impact form of exercise so it keeps the stress off of your joints. It’s an excellent alternative to running where you are putting a ton of force on your joints. It also builds abs, strengthens your core when you maintain proper posture while riding.

Now that the South Carolina weather will soon become less steamy, taking your exercise outdoors to experience “game day” weather is just the motivation we all need to get back on track with an exercise routine. Riding a bike around the scenic trails at Saluda Shoals is much more enjoyable than plugging away on a treadmill. Try adding a weekly bike ride into your Athlete’s Arena’s exercise routine.

Biking riding is more than just exercise. It’s time for you to unwind and let out some stress after a crazy day. Fresh air flying in your face allows you to integrate the feeling of exhilaration and provides you the opportunity to unwind from the daily grind. It enables you to spend quality time with your family and friends.