Exercise improves quality of life after a stroke

Improving the quality of life for Mr. Bob began with some creative thinking on the part of Heather Kobus. Mr. Bob found himself with some loss of physical function after he suffered a stroke and vascular dementia. He must be cared for 24/7. Mr. Bob is a graduate of The Citadel, a marine, wartime veteran, mechanical engineer and, prior to his stroke, an avid golfer.

Creative solutions to exercise

Mr. Bob’s daughter, an emergency room nurse, who also trains with Heather, spoke with her about having her father [Mr. Bob] come into Athlete’s Arena Irmo for personal training sessions to improve his strength, energy and help keep him from falling. Initially, one of Heather’s biggest hurdle was learning to connect and communicate with Mr. Bob as he speaks very little. After a few sessions and finding that traditional strength training exercises just didn’t work, Heather had to become creative with movements and activities. She also learned the best way to connect and communicate with Mr. Bob so each session was more effective. She found that fun activities was a great way for Mr. Bob to work on skills while also keeping him engaged and motivated. They work with standing tolerance, balancing, gait and transferring weight. Since working with Heather at Athlete’s Arena Irmo, Mr. Bob’s daughter and caregivers have seen improvements from him tying his own shoes to better sleep, energy levels and LESS falling too.

Being creative to help keep Mr. Bob motiviated and engaged

It has been a pleasure having Mr. Bob in the gym. There’s a reason Heather Kobus was voted 2019 BEST Trainer by Irmo-Chapin Life and it’s because of her tireless work (and sometimes creativity) to improve the quality of life for all the individuals and athletes she trains.

To contact Heather Kobus, call 803.750.9036 or email HeatherK@athletesarena.com.

Best of Irmo Chapin Life 2019
Heather Kobus voted BEST Trainer by Irmo Chapin Life