Meet Ed Holliman

Ed Holliman will be a young 69 years of age on July 12, 2019. He joined Rock Steady Boxing Irmo (inside Athlete’s Arena Irmo) at the beginning of this year to increase his strength and stability, and to fight back against Parkinson – one punch at a time.

Since his diagnosis, Ed has slowly seen his quality of life disappear. Determined to slow down the process of this disease as much as possible, Ed began doing some homework and that’s when he found Rock Steady Boxing (RSB) in Irmo, South Carolina.

Terry and Margi Conroy opened the first RSB affiliate in the Columbia area in 2017 after witnessing the struggles of two friends living with the symptoms of Parkinson’s. They work tirelessly to help people with Parkinson’s to enhance their daily quality of life, relieve the symptoms of Parkinson’s, and, with their programmed movements, to even build power, strength, flexibility and speed. Core strength and a continued focus on improving balance can help reduce the risk of fall. RSB combines high intensity training (HIIT) with functional drills and boxing combinations. This training is having a tremendous impact on the fight against Parkinson’s in Ed’s life so he can lead a healthier, happier life.

It’s important to consult with your doctor to ensure that you are physically capable to jump rope, but as long as you are cleared by your doctor and are physically capable, jump rope. You’re never too old to jump rope! Ed, once a double under jumper prior to his diagnosis, began jumping rope again. He started with one single jump and he recently completed 40 jumps in a row! In the video, he even performs a few criss cross jumps. Keep up the hard work, Ed! We are in your corner rooting for you!

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