Athlete’s Arena Irmo is proud to provide information to our community on how save money and feed your family fresh fruits and veggies, while supporting local business and South Carolina farmers.

Eat Local Event SUMMARY

The guest speakers at our special event did an outstanding job of sharing their expertise with everyone. Thank you to Heather Hardy on providing tips on starting a produce co-op, Adam Frick with West Ridge Farms on his family farm and the Benefits of Grass-fed Beef, and Jacquelyn McHugh-Fauerbach, editor/owner of “Edible Columbia” on the Importance of Eating Local and getting to know your South Carolina farmers. Remember to check out their blog posts from the “Let’s Eat!" series on our website, including posts from guest bloggers Bee Trail Farm on the Benefits of Local Honey, and Healthy Hands Cooking on Ditching the Drive Thru.

Athlete’s Arena’s Heather Kobus and Heather Hardy, former co-owner of Brown Box Veggies, takes us behind the scenes of the farmer’s market with great tips on how you can start a produce co-op.

For more information about starting your own produce co-op, download the handout below.

Athlete’s Arena’s next blog series is going to be fun & adventurous. Stay tuned because you won’t want to miss it. We have titled it “Let’s Play!”

Download How to Start a Produce Co-op PDF.