Athlete’s Arena is proud to brag about the large number of family members training with our sports performance, CrossFit, and personal training staff. We are all family here!

Amy Taylor (48, almost 49) is a math teacher at Chapin High School and has been training with Adriane Wilson since June of 2016. She and her husband, Brannon, were so pleased with the proper training and attention to detail with their two sons, Caleb (baseball) and Joshua (football, track & field, and wrestling), she decided to experience her own success. Amy wanted a female trainer who would understand a woman’s needs and someone who could motivate her to put her health first even after a long day of work. “I feel like I can move the world when I’m there lifting. Even those crazy kids/students [sic] love to see their teacher working out and getting strong.”

Although she loves the big three lifts, squat, bench, and deadlift, Amy’s favorite lift is the back squat. She had broken her kneecap on a tricky step years ago and feels the resistance training has helped in rebuilding her strength. Amy appreciates that her workout is created to be fun and different every time. Her commitment to training twice a week is her path to being the best she can be. She is inspired and motivated by husband, her two boys, her mother in law Diane (recently featured on Athlete’s Arena blog), and her trainer, Adriane. “Everyone at Athlete’s is so encouraging and helpful,” says Amy. “I am always so happy when I get there, and even though I’m whipped [after a workout], I’m happy when I leave.”

Thank you for trusting us with your training and sharing your family with us, Amy. You leave a lasting impression on your students in the classroom and now the weight room too. No one messes with Mrs. Taylor!

#225 x 3 and the single is #240