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Local honey more popular than ever.

Mmmm, honey!  Those little bees work so hard to produce the sweetness we love.

In recent years, the search for local raw honey has been on the rise. It is no wonder since a Google search to find out the health benefits of raw honey will turn up many reasons to incorporate it into your diet.  More people are using natural products and knowing that your honey comes from local, hardworking beekeepers where nothing has been altered or added means your honey is simply honey.

Why choose local honey?

So does it matter if you buy local honey?  Local honey for cooking and eating has a more full-bodied flavor than typical store-bought honey.  A lot of times honey you find in stores distributed by large businesses has been ultra-filtered and overheated to ensure the honey always looks and tastes the same.  While this does ensure it will not crystallize on the shelf, this also removes the pollens and good enzymes typically found in local raw honey.  Did you know pure raw honey never goes bad?  Even in a crystallized state it is usable and delicious!  Since honey is sweeter than sugar, many customers are replacing all of the refined sugar they once used in baking and cooking with honey.


Health benefits of local honey

We get phone calls every week from people looking for local raw honey for its health benefits.  Primarily, we find our customers purchase it for relief of seasonal pollen-related allergies.  However, we also have customers seeking raw honey to help with arthritis, colds, flu, and sore throats. Because of its many enzymes, another benefit of raw honey is it is easier for our bodies to digest than refined sugar.  It would not be hard to find someone you know to tell you what eating local raw honey has done for their health.  We are not medical professionals and do not make claims of the health benefits many have told us about so before using anything for health purposes, we encourage you to check with a health professional.

Beekeepers in the Midlands

beekeeper DannyThere are many beekeepers in the Midlands and you can find great information on bees and honey at wonderful members only events, such as Bees in the Backyard coming to Bee Trail Farm on June 22, 2019 by joining SC Mid-State Beekeeper's Association.

Fun fact about Honey

Keeping hives in different locations will slightly vary the flavor and color of honey produced, depending on where the bees collect the nectar from to make honey.

Other reasons to buy local honey

Purchasing honey from a local beekeeper ensures you will not only know where your product comes from, but also can ensure you are getting a pure product.  There is comfort in personally knowing the beekeeper, knowing the care taken to produce the honey and even knowing the bees pollinate other community crops.  Determining “local” is not always easy.  Although there is not a concrete definition of local honey, it generally can be defined by nectar gathered from flowers that bloom in your area.

Local raw honey is not only good for you and provides many health benefits, it supports local farmers and our local economy.

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Bee Trail Farm

Danny and Shelley Cannon produce and sell pure, local honey at Bee Trail Farm located in Lexington, South Carolina. They host educational workshops and tours of their farm. Stay connected with Bee Trail Farm by visiting the Bee Trail Farm's Facebook page, their website, or email beetrailfarm@gmail.com.