Diane with Ropes

Diane Taylor finds strength and confidence with every workout

With encouragement of her son, Diane Taylor began training at Athlete's Arena Irmo in December of 2015. Diane had experienced some discomfort in her recovery from revision surgery on a full knee replacement that did not mend well. After a full knee replacement on her left knee, then a full replacement and with a follow up revision surgery on her right knee, Diane was ready to move without pain. She started with two strength training sessions a week with Adriane Wilson and begrudgingly put 100% effort into her new exercise routine, something quite different from her aerobics in the past. The workouts were tough but she was confident in her personal trainer. Soon she found herself having less knee pain, more endurance walking, and a few new favorite exercises in the gym.

As a retired educator from the Lexington 1 district, Diane devoted her free time to meeting her goal of walking with confidence, something she had been missing since her surgeries and apprehension with heart issues. Her workout sessions are "still tough" but her self image has been reprogrammed. Diane views herself as a healthier person but there is still room for improvement. It won't be long before she will just hop on an airplane and travel somewhere new with her daughter.

Diane has attended senior citizen group sessions at community centers but missed the individual attention she received with personal training at Athlete's Arena Irmo. She appreciates the flexibility in the workouts at Athlete's Arena to accommodate her needs. At 75 years young, Diane has found her strength and confidence to travel with her church, visit with her grandchildren and great granddaughter, and still have the energy to work at Midlands Tech. We are so proud of how far you have come, Diane!