Turn a Bad Day into a Good Day – There are No Limits!

How can you turn a bad day into a good day?  Consider conducting a post-performance evaluation.  Think of these three word: Good-Better-Best.  There are  no limits on being the best you can be!

Evaluate your performance every day.  What was good about your day?  What could you have done to perform better during that day.  Lastly, what could you change to be your best?

1)  What did I do well?

2)  What could I have done better?

3)  What do I need to change to be my best?

Heather Kobus will be working through these ideas this week during her Metabolic Circuits Training (MTC) class and with her clients she trains one-on-one.

The Metabolic Circuits group classes are held on Mon/Wed/Thur 9:00 AM and Thursday 6:00 PM. Heather was excited to see fresh faces last week and she would love to see even more new people this week! If these class times are not suitable for your schedule, Heather is available for one-on-one personal training.

Feel free to contact Heather at HeatherK@AthletesArena.com or call 803.750.9036 for more information on the MCT group classes or one-on-one personal training.