I just wanted to congratulate many of the kids who have had awesome improvement so far this spring! We have had a number of kids drop .2-.25 seconds in their 40 yd dash as they get ready for camps this summer and many have increased their vertical leaps by up to 3 inches this spring!! One kid droped from a 4.95 to a 4.7 40yd dash (the 4.7 was timed at a combine!) and went from a 29 to a 32″ vertical and actually gained about 12lbs!!

Now, I am the first to tell you I am not HUGE on creating weightroom and testing ALL-AMERCANS, you still have to show it on the field and in the classroom, but many of these kids are training for combines and camps and have done awesome. I tell parents all the time, I can’t make your kid FAST, but I can make them FASTER. That comment came after another trainer told a client prior the them training with us that they could drop his 40 time from a 5.1 to a 4.4…talk about misleading an athlete and parents!!