Many of the athletes we have at Athlete’s Arena know that I am against any program that is based on the client doing “work” without any plan or purpose, just for work’s sake. I have often said, “I can make you chase cars on the highway to make you tired, it doesn’t mean you’re getting any better at your sport.”

While I still believe this, “work” still needs to be a part of any complete program for athletes. Unfortunately, I have noticed many kids really have no idea how to “work” or have “work” capacity (definition: the ability to perform maximal physical work). What I mean by “work” is being able to handle a high bout of intense training over a certain period of time. In the gym, kids know this time as “MAN MAKIN'” time, which is not only physically tough but very mentally challenging!

Many of our athletes are talented, rather they are great at learning skills or they are great at their specific sport, but A LOT of them lack in the area of “work” capacity which leads to their poor “train-ability”.

Athlete’s Arena has teamed up with Crossfit as a tool for us to use when those “Man Making” days approach! Check out our Crossfit website for more information and current schedules.